New Album from KC and SLY Sound Studios – RUN: Works of Man

My good friend and audio engineering mentor Christer Karjalainen, owner and operator of the KC Sound Studio in Turku, Finland, was kind enough to send me a copy of their latest production. Following is my review of this exceptional album. As far as Rock music in general goes, Finland has quite the reputation when it … Continue reading New Album from KC and SLY Sound Studios – RUN: Works of Man

May You Never

My latest release is a tune that aims to send best wishes to all... Here's to good health, good times, and most of all good friends! Originally written and performed by John Martyn, Eric Clapton also covered this song on the “Slowhand“ album. My personal touch was to create a more rockin' version. It's far … Continue reading May You Never

New Live Video: Led Zeppelin – Madison Square Garden 1973

In the words of the immortal Wayne Campbell: "No Stairway? Denied!" Sorry about that... In the end, at least he finally got his beloved Stratocaster. What follows is a live performance of a tune from my top Led Zeppelin album, which among other masterpieces contains my top Zep song of all-time. Yep, gonna have to watch … Continue reading New Live Video: Led Zeppelin – Madison Square Garden 1973

New Live Video: Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath

Performed during the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2003 in the land Deep Purple made famous with "Smoke On The Water", this is the finest live performance of this song that I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. This video is dedicated to my recently departed Brother Art Horning who was my very best friend for … Continue reading New Live Video: Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath

New Live Video: Stryper – To Hell with the Devil

An awesome performance of the title track that's without a doubt my favorite Stryper album, filmed at the “Java Rockin’ Land” Festival in Indonesia, back in 2010. Have a phobia about "Christian Metal"? Your loss... Click here to view, over on the "Cygnus Studios Local Videos" > "Live Concert Footage" page.

A Guitar Resurrection…

The Rock & Roll Gods do indeed smile down upon me from time to time... My Niece Megan and her Husband Jeff gifted me a Peavey DW-3 acoustic guitar they ran across, since neither of them play. They've both seen my t-shirt which reads, "You can never have too many guitars", more than once. True story, … Continue reading A Guitar Resurrection…

Local Video Enhancements In Progress

I'm currently in the process of migrating all Cygnus Studios Local Videos to reside directly on this blog server, which should be completed within a week or so. You'll experience a much improved video interface with more function, which will allow you to more easily share videos, toggle HD and full-screen modes on/off, among many other … Continue reading Local Video Enhancements In Progress