Rick Wakeman’s R&RHoF acceptance speech

What follows is an outtake transcription from Rick Wakeman’s acceptance speech during the induction of Yes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017…

Thanks to my Father, who played a massive part in my musical career… He taught me a lot.

I remember he sat me down once and said, “Son, don’t go to any of those really cheap, dirty, nasty, sleazy strip clubs, because if you do, you’ll see something you shouldn’t.” So, of course I went… And I saw my Dad.

I’m glad that we’re actually up third because, as you get older, you know the old things like the prostate start acting up a bit. And, the distance between comfort breaks gets less and less.

But, I would like to say quite seriously how important it is to have the “old examination”, which I had indeed on Monday. To you ladies who don’t know, it’s really tough. You have to get in the old fetal position, you hear the old plastic glove go on, the rubber glove, and then it’s like a gopher going on holiday inside your rectum.

Whilst I was having my examination, the doctor said to me, “Mr. Wakeman, there’s no need to be embarrassed… It’s not unusual to get an erection at this kind of procedure”.

I said, “I haven’t got an erection”.
He said, “I know, but I have”.

I laughed so hard, I actually had beer coming out of my nose.

Additional induction videos are available on the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions” page. It can also be accessed at any time via the “Cygnus Studios Local Videos” pull-down, under “Videos” in the main blog menu.

5 thoughts on “Rick Wakeman’s R&RHoF acceptance speech


    Ol’ Rick – so funny… but so apropos to this musician in his fifties. 😀


    1. Hi Tom, and thanks for stopping by, plus for the follow! I didn’t see a “Follow” link on your blog, or I would have responded in kind. Did I miss it? You’ve got some great stuff over there, mind if I list your blog on my “Associates” pull-down?

      Anyway, in case you hadn’t noticed, if you select “Videos” from the top menu here, then “Cygnus Studios Local Videos -> Music Awards”, you’ll find the entire R&RHoF induction of Yes. That of course includes Wakeman telling this story, and it’s infinitely funnier getting it directly from him.

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      1. I just added a follow button (I think) to my main page. Sheeeesh, they don’t make it easy, do they..? lol


  2. Looks like it works, I was able to follow you on WordPress.

    You can also let people follow you by signing up with their email address and they’ll receive the entire contents of new posts in their inbox, along with a direct link to the post if they prefer to view it in a web browser. This is a good thing for those without WordPress accounts.

    Anyway, that’s how I have mine set up, not sure how you would do it with the theme you’re using. It’s probably a Widget.

    As for the “Associates” pull-down, done deal!


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