All Down The Line

Well, I’d been out of commission as far as studio work goes for a while. This one was in the works for quite a long time, with me recording its various sections on and off whenever I had the opportunity.

It’s one of my very favorite Rolling Stones tunes from my absolute favorite Rolling Stones album, “Exile On Main Street”, called “All Down The Line”. In my opinion, this is one of the very best Rock albums in history, by anyone. I’ve been listening to it for some 40 years now, and it never fails to please. Really, it’s that good.

I don’t think I put as much recording time and effort into a song since my cover of “Joe’s Garage”. This tune wound up chewing up 18 tracks in all, so it was a bit of a challenge to mix as well.

A few caveats:
– Yes, I know my vocals are still terrible, but somebody has to do it. Any volunteers out there?
– Yes, I’m aware that Mick Taylor played lead guitar using a slide on the original, but since I can’t for beans I went with a more “traditional” lead guitar performance instead, while attempting to stay true to his riffs.

It’s far from a perfect rendition, but I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to “All Down The Line” on SoundClick

For this tune and more, you can also visit my SoundClick Artist Page.


All instruments and vocals performed and recorded by Craig Guerrieri at Cygnus Studios, Florida, USA (August-October 2017):
– Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
– Seagull Entourage acoustic guitar
– Fender Jazz bass
– Yamaha MX49 digital synthesizer
– DW Drums with Zildjian, Paiste and Wuhan cymbals
– Additional percussion by LP and Rhythm Tech

Mixed and mastered by Craig Guerrieri at Cygnus Studios, Florida, USA (October 2017).

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