Black Sabbath: The End of the End

WARNING: There are spoilers regarding the tour this film documents in the Wikipedia article linked below.

It just hit Showtime. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a few days now, and just got around to it.

Simply put, Wow. If you love the Godfathers of Heavy Metal as much as I, then you’ll adore this movie. I own several Sabbath DVD’s, and this flick blows the doors off of every one of them.

Of course, it includes a concert from their farewell tour, the final one in fact. It took place in Burmingham, England, where they all grew up and started the group “Earth”, which would ultimately transform into the juggernaut band Black Sabbath.

There are short interviews, rehearsal/back stage footage and lots more, perfectly interjected between songs from the concert. I must admit, I thought I knew a lot about Sabbath, but I surely learned a lot more watching this documentary.

Just a few other observations:

  • The film production, camera work, sound quality and stage show itself are off-the-scale fantastic. More importantly, I’ve never seen them play better. They were truly amazing.
  • The single member that stuck out most for me was Ozzy, but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. Since he’s gotten his shit together, completely kicked the dope, booze and even cigarettes, it’s like his voice has been delivered back to him in a time machine from the 70’s. He’s so spot on, belting out absolutely awesome vocals, and his interaction with the audience is phenomenal.
  • It’s a damned shame, but for whatever reason, original drummer Bill Ward didn’t participate in the band’s farewell tour. It sadly made it seem somewhat of an incomplete goodbye. I’ve read all sorts of rumors why that was, long before I saw this film. I really don’t want to get into them here, but you can obviously find that info on the ‘net if interested. Neither did the band, although they did shortly discuss Bill, but with no real explanation regarding his absence.
  • The final song performance took place in a recording studio, and was no doubt the most fitting Sabbath tune they could have possibly closed it out with. To be perfectly honest, it choked me up a bit.

I’m really going to miss these guys, but their music will most certainly live on forever. Be sure to catch this flick, I guarantee you it won’t disappoint.

Wikipedia – Black Sabbath – The End of the End Tour 

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