The Demise of SONAR Cakewalk

Shockingly, Gibson has decided to cease new product development for SONAR Cakewalk DAW software.

I’ve been using Cakewalk for about 18 months now, to perform all mixing and mastering of music produced here at Cygnus Studios. Home studio and professional engineers alike have utilized it for many, many years. This is the end of a major era, since the Cakewalk DAW had such huge user base.

Monthly updates to Cakewalk have also been halted. Figures, I just renewed my subscription for that a little over 2 months ago, so no refund for me. Cakewalk’s servers will continue to operate, so as a user you’ll retain access to all of your Cakewalk products, and your software will continue to work normally. That is, unless you run into a bug. In that case you’ll just have to live with it, or switch to different, officially supported DAW software.

Read the official announcement from Cakewalk

[The initial review of one alternative DAW, Harrison Mixbus, has been removed from this post, primarily because it’s a piece of shit.]

Latest information on my search for alternate DAW software

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