One Of The Best Rush Covers You’ll Ever Hear!

This is a cover of “YYZ”, one of Rush’s most complex instrumentals, played by a 13-year-old multi-instrumentalist, no less. His name is Owen Davey, and he absolutely nails every instrument. A tiny bit rough on Peart, but I think that’s due to the much more limited drum kit he’s using. Even so, it’s still clear to me that he’s also an excellent drummer.

It’s a textbook demonstration of God-given talent. You could take a million lessons for all of the instruments involved here at any age, and not match the quality of this performance. Really, he’s that good.

The most amazing part of this video for me is at 02:10, where he plays that Geddy bass riff break to perfection. It has to be one of the toughest riffs in the world to pull off, at least anywhere nearly how well Ged plays it. Owen really nails the harmonics at the end as well, which cap off the rest of the riff perfectly.

His gear is top notch too, so Mom and Dad surely realize the talent this kid possesses. Can you imagine where he’ll be 10 years from now? I can… In a professional, recording and touring band. There’s just no doubt in my mind about it. The only question is, playing which instrument?

A little bit about this song, since most people have no idea what the title means. “YYZ” is the IATA airport identification code of Toronto Pearson International Airport, with Toronto being Rush’s hometown. The percussion and time measure at the beginning of the song is actually “YYZ”, repeated in Morse code, ten times. Now, how cool of a fucking idea is that? But, that’s Rush for ya, always composing music that’s way outside the box.

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