Cygnus Studios Releases First Album!

I’m proud to announce that Cygnus Studios has released its first complete album, entitled Different Strings.

The album title was derived from a couple of things:

– It contains various genres of music, including Rock & Roll, a Power Ballad, Pop, Progressive Rock, Punk Rock, and even a Country song.

– It’s the name of a song by Rush from their album, “Permanent Waves”. You just knew I had to get that in there somewhere, but you have to admit it’s fitting, considering its contents.

My sincere thanks go out to these fine folks, for their generous contributions to this production:

  • Christer Karjalainen – “Medians Conspire” and “Joe’s Garage” mixing.
  • Sasa Opacic – “Medians Conspire” and “Joe’s Garage” mastering.
  • Elmo Karjalainen – Lead guitarist on “Medians Conspire”.
  • My heart, granddaughters Izsabella and Gabriella Mendez – Vocals on “Set It All Free”.
  • My beloved daughter Nicole Mendez – Vocals on “Leavin’ On Your Mind” and vocal coaching of the girls on “Set It All Free”.
  • Doctör Ivan – Album cover artist.
  • Vincent “Ange” Angelo – Forever a band-mate, and guitar consultant on several tracks.

How do I obtain a copy?

Updated 2020-01-14:
Sorry, album no longer available. Individual tracks are available on SoundClick:

Craig’s Artist Home Page on Soundclick

A few final words:

I’m certainly no Led Zeppelin and it’s far from perfect, but producing its songs has been one hell of a lot of work for a one-man, modest operation like Cygnus Studios. It will always remain a labor of love for me.

In the end, I’m quite proud to have finally produced and released an actual album. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Best Wishes to All,

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