The Return Of Living Colour!

One excellent, very underrated band has returned, and is now on tour for the first time in forever. Best of all, Corey Glover is back with them on vocals to boot!

You may have heard the song that broke Living Colour into the music mainstream, called “Cult Of Personality”. Even if you’ve heard it before, it’s definitely worth another listen. What a wailing performance on guitar by Vernon Reid, guaranteed to blow you right out of your shoes!

“Cult Of Personality” official video:

Click here for Living Colour 2018 tour information.

Corey Glover and Vernon Reid
Vernon Reid and Corey Glover – Live 2018

Corey Glover is one off-the-scale talented guy… A great actor both on-stage and the silver screen, as well as being a kick-ass vocalist. Probably his most famous movie role is “Francis” in “Platoon”

Corey Glover - Platoon
Corey Glover in the film “Platoon”

He also played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar during the 2006-2008 tour of the play. I saw it at the Buell Theatre in Denver back in 2008, and his performance opposite Ted Neeley (another incredible actor and vocalist) was really something to behold. Overall, it was no doubt one of the best musical gigs I’ve ever seen in my life.

Ted Neeley and Corey Glover - Jesus Christ Superstar
Corey Glover as Judas with Ted Neeley – Jesus Christ Superstar – 2008

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