Review: Music Nomad Premium Work Station

If any of you Guitarists out there are looking for a work station, I just picked this one up from Musician’s Friend, and it’s absolutely the most fantastic I’ve ever used.

A super-high quality product manufactured by Music Nomad, it accommodates everything from basses to violins via a freely positionable neck support which can be rotated for different neck radiuses, and also has flat sides which allow flipping the guitar over for easy access to electronics, tremolo springs, etc.. You can even clip a tuner to it, and it works perfectly.

The mat surface grips the guitar itself so securely, you can hang off the neck and it won’t move an inch. Call me crazy, but I actually tried it, and almost wound up on my ass!

Of course, they’ve ensured that all materials used in its construction are perfectly safe for nitrocellulose guitar finishes.

Y-O-Y didn’t I buy this last week before I cleaned, changed strings and performed a “from scratch” set-up on 5 guitars with nothing but a towel underneath (since my previous work station kicked the bucket). Man, what a wrestling match that was.

Viva Music Nomad products, wonderful stuff!

For additional information, visit:

Music Nomad Product Page

Musician’s Friend Product Page


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