Extremely Rare! – Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics 1992 – RUSH

Cygnus Studios proudly presents one of the rarest Rush-related items on the planet…

I ran across it yesterday while going through a box of old Rush swag. This particular item had been in storage for more years than I can even begin to count, safely tucked away in a protective plastic sleeve.

It was originally released by a company called “Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics” way back in 1992, and is a nice attempt to cover their career from the start through the release of the album, “Roll the Bones”, which had hit the streets the previous year. Now sadly defunct, the publication produced some very cool unauthorized and unlicensed biographies of Rock Stars in comic book format, in total 65 issues over 4 years.

Both interesting and amusing (some of the drawings are hilarious), it’s an awesome look back at the history of Rush, from their humble beginnings to ultimately developing into the greatest Progressive Rock band of all time.

Rock 'n' Roll Comics 1992 - Rush - Front Cover - 01

At present, if you can find an original copy, it will run you anywhere between $30-$50. Quite the boost, since as you can see above the cover price was only $2.50 when I purchased it. Actually, I really couldn’t care less, because to me it’s absolutely priceless.

A few notes about how these images were captured and processed:

  • First, they were scanned using an HP OfficeJet Pro 6970: As you can imagine, the pages are pretty yellowed since the book is so old. To get around that, I scanned them in half tones, using automatic exposure. Presto, white pages again!
  • Following the scans, they were cropped using a fixed-size, so all pages are roughly the same dimensions.
  • They were then rotated to straighten them out as closely as possible from top-to-bottom.
  • The last thing I wanted to do was remove the staples before scanning, so you’ll notice page bends at the outside of some of the images. I decided to leave those as-is in order to match the dimensions of the other pages instead of cropping them further, as they have no impact on readability whatsoever.
  • Finally, they were saved as PNGformat files, for lossless data compression and high resolution.

Hope you enjoy, it was quite a bit of work to put together!

Download the following file, which contains this comic book in its entirety:

Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics 1992 – Rush.zip

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