Fallen Angel

My latest release is a song about unconditional love, and the forgiveness it can bring.

It’s a baritone variation of this classic ballad, along with a new arrangement.

Various versions have been recorded over the years by Frankie Valli, Helen Schneider, Rogue, and others.

Listen to “Fallen Angel” on SoundClick


Arrangements, performances, recording, mixing and mastering by Craig Guerrieri ©2019.

Instruments used in this song:

– Seagull Entourage acoustic guitar
– Ovation Custom Balladeer acoustic guitar
– Fender Stratocaster electric guitar (amplification via Line 6)
– Fender Jazz bass guitar
– Yamaha MX49 digital synthesizer
– DW Drums with Zildjian, Paiste and Wuhan cymbals
– Additional percussion by Treeworks and RhythmTech

“Fallen Angel”
Words and music by Guy Fletcher and Doug Flett

You’re home again, I’m glad you kept the key,
been waiting here, it seemed a million years to me.
But hush now, I know you’re all cried out,
it’s all right inside, I’ve had no doubt.
About your love for me, I can see behind the tears,
I’m certain of the way we feel, and given time the hurt will heal.

I need you, I think I always will,
from time to time you play around, but I love you still.
You tried them all, at everybody’s beck and call,
but maybe you’ll resist them all when I tell you how I missed you.

Fallen angel, I’ll forgive you anything,
you can’t help the things you do,
now something’s gotten hold of you,
Fallen angel, got a demon in your soul,
and later when the fever’s gone,
I’ll be here where you belong.

You’re home again, so won’t you close the door,
stay here with me and we’ll forget what’s gone before.
So hold me tight, our love is gonna make it right,
put shadows way beyond recall, the ghost has almost gone.

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