UPDATED: Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance – Third Edition – Free PDF!

The latest edition of my Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance document is now available, absolutely free of charge!

It serves to consolidate care and maintenance methods I’ve picked up over the years, into a single document which will assist beginners and some seasoned players alike.

This Third Edition has received an end-to-end overhaul, including updated guitar specs, set-up procedures, additional illustrations, and much more. Please see the “Change History” section in the preface for complete details.

I highly recommend you download and view it locally using your PDF reader of choice, as the table of contents and various spots within the document are hyperlinked for easy navigation (some of which are not supported while reading a PDF directly from Google Drive).

If you have any questions or ideas for additions/corrections to this publication, there is a direct email link at the end of the document you can use to send them to me. You can also always get in touch with me anytime regarding any subject via the Contact link in the menu at the top of this blog.

Hopefully you find this information useful… A lot of work went into putting it together and ensuring its information is as clean and accurate as possible.

– Craig

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