Fun With Isolated Music Tracks

If you pay any attention to my Facebook timeline at all (and I certainly don’t blame you if you don’t), you’re already aware of my fondness for isolated music tracks from a given song. It’s really interesting stuff to listen to, and you can find tons of examples on YouTube.

So, screw it, I thought it would be fun to make a few of my own from my last release, “Fallen Angel”. At your expense, of course… Hey, you’ve been warned.

Naturally, there are gaps in each of these tracks, when a given section was not playing (especially keyboards, which are only used during the intro and verses). If you’re impatient, that’s what fast-forward is for. ;^)

So, how brave are you feeling today?

Following these isolations, we’ll put it all together with the final mix.

Rhythm bus (DW Drums, Fender Jazz Bass guitar, various other percussion instruments) :

Guitars bus (Ovation Custom Balladeer, Godin Seagull, Fender Stratocaster):

Keyboards bus (Yamaha MX49 digital synthesizer):

I also created an isolated bus mix of my lead and backing vocals, but no worries, I’m certainly not going to torture you with that here.

Lead and backing vocals bus (via R0DE NT1-A mic):
I’ve noticed more than a few people who’ve managed to navigate to my Google Drive and download this track. So, what the hell, here it is for your masochistic convenience…

Sometimes, what’s great about recording music is how one fuck-up covers another. Hmm, there may be a fair amount of that going on with this tune, ya think?

But really, put ’em all together, and it’s not so bad. Honest.

So, without further ado, here’s the completed mix:

“Fallen Angel” on Soundclick

Hopefully, I don’t give anyone nightmares from listening to this stuff. As my amigo Elmo Karjalainen sometimes says about certain music, “It hurts my brain”. It’s my sincere wish that didn’t happen to you.

Or, maybe you’ll just think I’m an old softie for my love of ballads such as this one. You’d be right about that.

Please feel free to leave a comment, your feedback is always appreciated!

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