New Live Video: Led Zeppelin – Madison Square Garden 1973

In the words of the immortal Wayne Campbell:
“No Stairway? Denied!”

Waynes World - No Stairway

Sorry about that… In the end, at least he finally got his beloved Stratocaster.

What follows is a live performance of a tune from my top Led Zeppelin album, which among other masterpieces contains my top Zep song of all-time. Yep, gonna have to watch it to see just what that is.

This one took quite a bit of work to put together, due to the source media being in horrible shape. It’s still far from perfect, but both the audio and video have been enhanced in many ways.

Houses of the Holy - Album cover
Houses of the Holy – Album Cover

Hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy a great showing of the legendary Led Zeppelin, in their prime!

Click here to view, over on the
“Cygnus Studios Local Videos” > “Live Concert Footage” page.

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