A Shout-Out Of Appreciation To All Cygnus Visitors!

Ever since this blog was first put online back in 2017, the 79 posts I’ve made here have received nearly 7,500 page views by over 1,800 visitors from 77 different countries.

That said, I wanted to give a shout-out to you all, and thanks so very much for your continued support of my work here. I would love to expand my audience, so if you think this content is worthwhile, I’d sincerely appreciate it if you’d share the blog URL on social media sites with other music lovers you may know.


Of course, I realize these aren’t exactly staggering statistics… I’m certainly no professional. However, it seems from these numbers that quite a few people enjoy my music and video productions, along with the many blog articles and pages I spend hours upon hours writing.

Most importantly, it’s a fantastic feeling to realize there are indeed people out there who appreciate the enormous amount of work I put into all of the content presented here. I must admit that I sometimes get discouraged in that regard, but seeing this sort of traffic has renewed my motivation to continue on, a thousand fold.

It’s my hope that I’ve helped people to experience new things in the realm of music, an art that the world would be completely unimaginable without, especially in these trying times. Remember to stick to the Cygnus motto, always “Explore Music!”, whenever and wherever you can.

That’s by far the single most important thing I attempt to get across here.

Once again, a big “hello” and best wishes from Cygnus Studios in North Port, Florida, USA to the visitors residing in the following countries, from the bottom of my heart!

May You Never - Original
Cheers to you all!
Country Views
American Samoa 3
Argentina 11
Australia 117
Austria 20
Bangladesh 2
Belgium 3
Bolivia 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 5
Brazil 28
British Virgin Islands 1
Bulgaria 6
Burkina Faso 1
Canada 114
Chile 13
China 14
Colombia 3
Croatia 3
Czech Republic 11
Denmark 7
Ecuador 3
Egypt 4
European Union 2
Finland 269
France 45
Gabon 1
Georgia 1
Germany 72
Gibraltar 2
Greece 8
Hong Kong SAR China 5
Hungary 10
India 39
Indonesia 3
Iraq 1
Ireland 31
Israel 4
Italy 44
Jamaica 1
Japan 20
Kenya 3
Latvia 1
Macau SAR China 2
Malaysia 4
Mexico 76
Morocco 1
Netherlands 30
New Zealand 12
Nicaragua 1
Nigeria 1
Norway 25
Pakistan 5
Panama 1
Peru 2
Philippines 7
Poland 11
Portugal 5
Puerto Rico 10
Romania 3
Russia 30
Saudi Arabia 1
Serbia 2
Singapore 3
Slovenia 8
South Africa 4
South Korea 10
Spain 113
Sweden 38
Switzerland 9
Thailand 6
Trinidad & Tobago 1
Turkey 10
Ukraine 3
United Arab Emirates 1
United Kingdom 314
United States 5733
Vietnam 2
Zambia 1
TOTAL 7417

A special thanks to Mr. Christer Karjalainen, my most patient and generous mentor in studio engineering skills. He’s simply the best, and Cygnus music productions would be absolutely nowhere without his kind assistance over the years. It’s most definitely a debt I’ll never be able to repay, and I’m very proud to be able to call him my friend.

Christer Karjalainen collage
Mr. Christer Karjalainen, from the beautiful city of Turku, Finland.

Please feel free to leave a comment, your feedback is always appreciated!

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