Coming Soon: Podcasts

Introducing Cygnus Studios podcasts…

Let’s Explore Music!

I’ll be using podcasts to discuss anything and everything having to do with music. Episodes will not only consist of solo content from myself, but interviews with others as well.

They will available both on this blog and also on popular broadcasting services. All episodes will be absolutely free, as is the case with everything else here.

Note that testing is still in progress…

Cygnus podcasts aren’t available in broadcast form everywhere quite yet.

The following table for each service will be updated as they become online:

Google PodcastsSubmitted 2020-09-16
Now Online at:
iHeartRadioSubmitted 2020-09-12
Pending review.
iTunesProblems with feed validation web site.
Apple is troubleshooting.
PandoraSubmitted 2020-09-16
Pending review.
SpotifySubmitted 2020-09-16
Now Online at:
Cygnus Podcast Broadcasting Status as of 2020-09-20

Cygnus Studios podcasts will

  • Enable me to reach out to you on a much more personal level.

You are wholeheartedly invited to actually participate in interview episodes via Skype with any questions, comments etc. you may have for me. Cool!

If you’re a bit shy, I’ll also be accepting requests for specific subjects you’d like to hear covered in future episodes.

You’ll be able to submit correspondence regarding this directly to me via the “Contact” link in the main blog menu.

  • Obtain a wider audience for the blog.

This is naturally another driver for the podcast project, through the use of the aforementioned broadcasting services.

Finally, my inaugural episode…

I realize that I’ve covered this information before on the blog’s “About” page, and it’s intended only to assist with testing (although you’re certainly free to listen to it anyway, if you’d like).

Please bear with me until everything is operating reliably, and we’ll then get to stuff that’s a bit more interesting!

Ep1 – Introduction to Cygnus Studios

Best wishes, to all!

Please feel free to leave a comment, your feedback is always appreciated!

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