New Video: Christine McVie – Songbird

I don’t often prefer live performances over studio versions of any song, but this case is definitely an exception. Watching her sing and play it adds so much more feeling to this piece.

Personally, I think Christine is the most talented member of the band, with Lindsey Buckingham coming in a very close 2nd. Unlike Stevie Nicks (who sings like she’s got an entire box of Kleenex stuck up her nose), McVie has the voice of an angel, and is a very accomplished keyboardist to boot.

Trivia time: I’ve read this song came to her at 3 o’clock in the morning, when she composed it in its entirety in only a half hour.

Beside the fact it’s simply beautiful, it holds a very special significance for me. It was played at my daughter Nicole’s wedding reception for the father/daughter dance. I produced this video as a dedication to her, as it always takes me back to that brief, yet precious moment in time.

Always remember, your Daddy loves you
so very dearly, my little Princess...

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