New Cygnus Album: “Just Me”

The latest album produced by Cygnus Studios is now available, absolutely free!

Cover Artwork by Döctor Ivan

Its title is meant to reflect that I personally perform all instruments, arrangements, recording, mixing, and mastering on every track.

“Just Me” is available in digital format only, and exclusively on this blog.
For your convenience, two versions are provided

Select your choice below to download the album from Google Drive:

Note: In either case, clicking the “Download” icon on the Google Drive page is recommended for PC’s, which will allow unpacking the ZIP locally.

Just Me – (~680MB)

High-quality lossless WAV song tracks, sampled at 48kHz/24-bit.

Just Me – (~70MB)

Compressed MP3 song tracks (lossy, lower sound quality) for those desiring a smaller download, or to conserve space on mobile devices. Encoded using standard MP3 settings (170-210kbps), in joint stereo.

Also included in both ZIP versions

  • CD jewel case insert
  • Playlist
  • Additional album details
CD jewel case insert sample: Full-sized file within both ZIPs, in PDF format all ready for printing.

ZIP Files Scanned With…

Windows Defender


Profound gratitude and kudos to…

  • Christer Karjalainen: Studio Engineering Mentor
  • Döctor Ivan: Cover Artwork
  • Grace Guerrieri: For putting up with all the noise.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this production…

Love it or hate it, your feedback is always welcome in the poll and comment sections below!

Yours in Music,
Craig Guerrieri

This work may be freely distributed, provided there is no charge and its contents are unaltered in any way.
Cygnus Studios, North Port, Florida USA ©2021

6 thoughts on “New Cygnus Album: “Just Me”

  1. I work with Christer Karjalainen and his work is awesome and he knows what he is doing. It is a FREAKING COOL Album Craig. Well done. Cordially Producer Teddy Grimstad Thihawatha Records with division in Nashville Tennessee


    1. Thanks Teddy, I sincerely appreciate your kind words!

      Christer is and always will be my studio mentor and guru… We go back and forth via email all the time on just about any musical subject you can think of, not to mention various other general BS! Seriously though, his feedback remains invaluable to me.

      I’m proud to be able to call all of you guys out there my friends. Watch out though, I just may darken your doorstep again someday. ;^)


  2. Hello Craig,

    This is Anna. Last night i was listening to your album”Just Me”it’s awesome, I love it. I have added your blog to my regular tag, and will follow up with any new update of you blog. Wish you all the best. If possible, you can leave your email id and next time i will contact you via this email instead of AM system.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Anna…

      Very happy to hear you’re enjoying the album, and sincere thanks for the compliments!

      FYI, to protect everyone’s privacy I discourage posting email addresses in public comments here. However, if you’d like to exchange email addresses with me, the easiest way to do that is to use the “Contact” link in the main menu. You can send me a private message there, which will be routed to my main email address. I’ll then respond in kind and send you mine. I don’t give that away to just anyone, but considering our history I’ve no problem with sending it to you!

      BTW, there’s a button in the right sidebar (or near the bottom of each post, if you’re using a mobile device) which will allow you to subscribe to the blog via email. If you register for that, you’ll automatically receive notifications of any new blog posts in your inbox, containing a direct link to them.

      Subscribing will eliminate the need for you to manually check the blog for anything new. Rest assured, your subscribed email address will remain strictly confidential, Scout’s honor! Of course, you can also unsubscribe at any time.

      Thanks again for everything, and I hope you’re having a great day. Rock on! 😉


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