Review: Bog Street ALL AXE-CESS Ergonomic Guitar Picks

I’ve been reading positive words about these newly released picks elsewhere and they seemed to be quite innovative, so I couldn’t resist giving them a try for myself, especially since I received a variety 12-pack of them for free in exchange for a review.

Bog Street product claims.

As you can see from the illustration above, they’re designed to be rotated and act as 3 picks in 1, which besides “grip ergonomics” is their main selling point.

They arrived with all 12 picks packaged together in a single zip-lock bag, which was stapled to a card. Because of this, your first adventure will be to determine which picks are which…

Which pick is which is which is which?
Oh my God, I’m blind!

There are no markings whatsoever on the picks themselves, so forget about going that route. Instead, Bog Street has chosen to use a cutesy little color coding system (Electric Blue, Purple Haze, Mint Green, how very cool!) which in actuality is completely worthless.

The diagram on the inside of the card is also useless in that regard (unless to happen to have a set of calipers on-hand), so you’ll need to visit to their product page or reference the image below that to figure it out, which isn’t much better.

Ilustration directly above is from the product page for the assortment I received and tested.
Was hoping the “Purple Haze” pick would allow me to play like Hendrix, but sadly, no dice
. 😥

A big improvement would be to at least stamp the initials (AC, AB, BA etc) of the various designs on the picks themselves. In fact, these are the first picks which aren’t somehow labeled that I’ve ever run across in my entire life.

Once you’re done with sorting them out, next you’ll need to come up with some sort of storage to organize each set of 3 unless you want to go through that hassle all over again. At this price ($30 for a fucking dozen, that’s $2.50 each!) it’s inexcusable not to deliver them in some sort of small case, or at the very least in separately marked zip-locks.

Boy, that was fun… Not!

As far as performance, while the center hole and texturing does improve grip a bit, it extends too close to the edges of many of the picks causing them to hang up on strings. This produces some interesting results, and as you might imagine none are good.

“Meticulously engineered continuous edge for smooth string release”… That just may be the biggest crock of shit about this product I’ve read.

I’m not sure about the material they’re made of, but it feels just like everyday ‘ol molded plastic to me.

In my opinion, this is an ill-designed, waaay overpriced product, and to say I’m not impressed is an extreme understatement.

And so, in the end, thanks, but no thanks…

I’ll be sticking with my Snarling Dog Brain picks, which by the way are coded using sane colors, stamped with gauges, reasonably priced, yet made of high-quality nylon and last a long, long time. You could purchase 36 of them for less than the cost of just a dozen of these Bog Street picks, and have been set for a year. I’ve been using SD’s for what seems like forever, and highly recommended them.

Almost forgot to mention, SD packs different gauges
in separate tins… What a concept, eh?

Have you personally given these Bog Street ALL AXE-CESS Ergonomic picks a try?

If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about them in the comments section below, but please be specific with your opinions. “They suck” or “They’re awesome” is of zero help to anyone reading this article. Thanks in advance!

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