“Leavin’ On Your Mind” – 2021 Remaster!

While I realize I’ve probably beaten my production of Patsy Cline’s “Leavin’ On Your Mind” to death here already, there’s a couple of new activities surrounding it that I’m very excited about and wanted to share…

A brief timeline…

  • September 2019: Initial release on SoundClick.

  • September 2019: Shortly after release, climbs to #1 on “Country/Cover Songs” chart.

  • January 2020: Tops chart for a 2nd time.

  • August 2020: Tops chart for a 3rd time.

  • November 2021: KC Sound Studio remaster released.

  • UPDATE: 2021-11-19
    November 2021: KC Sound Studio remaster debuts at #5.

The original has topped its chart on three separate occasions since its release, receiving over 2,500 plays at the time of this writing, making it the most popular song ever produced by Cygnus.

A recent performance chart…

Much more importantly and the main reason for this post, my close compadre and studio engineering mentor Christer Karjalainen (owner/operator of KC Sound Studio in Turku, Finland) recently contacted me to request the original stem track files for re-mixing and mastering.

With Christer at KC Sound Studio during my 2017 visit to the beautiful country of Finland.

Needless to say, the brand new remaster stands heads and shoulders above my original. His awesome studio engineering skills have breathed totally new life into the song.

You simply won’t believe the difference in sound quality.
Click to listen and compare…

Both these tracks may also be downloaded there, absolutely free.


  • Lead vocalist, my beautiful and gifted daughter: Nicole Renée Mendez.
  • Arrangements, all instruments and backing vocals by Craig Guerrieri.
  • Recorded by Craig Guerrieri in 2019 at Cygnus Studios, North Port, Florida, USA.
  • 2021 remaster by Christer Karjalainen at KC Sound Studio, Turku, Finland.

Thanks once again Christer, for your kind support and generosity. You’ve no idea just how much I appreciate your time and expertise!

Your American Amigo, Always – Craig

And so, “Leavin’ On Your Mind” experiences yet another resurrection… Can’t wait to see how this version performs on SoundClick!

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