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Most people are well aware that Progressive Rock is my very favorite music genre. And, as you’ve likely already gleaned from my studio name, Rush is my #1, for over 40 years now.

Out of the clear blue sky, I happened to run across a Prog band called “Paradigm Blue” on YouTube a few weeks back.

They’re so “Rush-ian”, it’s incredible…

What do I mean by that? Their tunes immediately made me think, “This could easily be new music from Rush today, had Neil Peart not passed away.”

Wow, that’s nearly poetry on my part. Hey Neil, you up there still messing with my mind? 😉

Although all three of these guys are obviously virtuosos heavily influenced by Rush, the vocals and bass guitar work of Ruben Moreno (on a Rickenbacker, no less) completely floored me. He almost sounds more like Geddy Lee than Geddy does!

This is simply a demonstation of outstanding musicianship, which is the main thing that drew me to Progressive Rock in the first place. They’re one hell of a kick-ass Prog Band.

Here’s a video of the song “Bravo Sierra”, from their new album, “Transist“. The whole thing has been in my daily rotation ever since I first heard it… But, don’t take my word for it, you be the judge.

On a distant moon
Tomorrow couldn’t come too soon
Outside her window vast accretion bands would gleam
And glisten through her dreams

Heart of gold and nerves of steel
Stuck in a wheel of her own making
Her mind on matters lined with lead
She’ll sleep when she’s dead
Looks to the sky
Possessed by a grand design

Wrench in hand
Engine dying
Keep on trying
So much space and not enough time

Bravo, Sierra
It doesn’t matter what they say
There must be a better way
If not today
It’ll be tomorrow, Sierra

That ship would never fly, they’d cry and declare
That heart never got you anywhere
But she’s discovered what they’ll never find
The heart’s a different engine from the mind

Wrench in hand
Spark of life
Speed of light
Folding space to buy enough time

I’ll chase the light and trace the stars
And race right through the final wall
Cause an engine makes all the difference
When the distance is so far
I’m superluminal

Bravo, Sierra
It doesn’t matter what they say
There must be a better way
If not today
It’ll be tomorrow, Sierra

Bravo, Sierra
It only matters what you do
An endless future lives inside of you

Bravo, Sierra
Someday the stars will know your mind
And build upon the light they find
And your drive will carry far

Further information:

Official Paradigm Blue Web Site
Band Bio/Press Kit
YouTube Channel

Another recent find: A brand-new album by Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave) entitled “The Atlas Underground Flood” has just been released, and includes a tune named, “I Have Seen The Way”.

Album Cover

So, what’s so special about that? Along with Morello, the song features guitarists Alex Lifeson (Rush), and Kirk Hammett (Metallica). 🤯

Admittedly light on lyrics, there’s certainly no shortage of excellent guitar performances by these legends. I know this unique collaboration has never been heard before, and I doubt it ever will be again.

That said, be sure to give it a listen!

Further information:

Official Tom Morello Web Site
Official Alex Lifeson Web Site
Official Kirk Hammett Web Site
Kerrang Album Review

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