New Instrumental from Guitarist Mike Milan Dedic

Mike and I ran into each other a few years back, on Facebook. Unfortunately, we’ve never had the opportunity to meet in person, since there’s just a “few” miles between Florida and his hometown of Toronto, Canada. But, never say never!

Mike and his beloved ’75 Fender Stratocaster

He’s recently released a new instrumental (or at least new to me, since I somehow missed its announcement) entitled, “ENERGY”, and man does he ever shred the living hell out of it. I’ve embedded the official video below, so be sure to give it a spin.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more humble musician. He’s also in the habit of providing advice and encouragement to others, including me! Considering the caliber of his talent, those are highly respectable qualities, indeed.


Fabulous job on this Mike, it’s a privilege to be able to call you my compadre. Keep ’em coming, and Rock on, Brother! 🤘

Also available for streaming on SoundCloud:

Visit Mike’s YouTube Channel
A permanent link to it is also available under the “Associates” pull-down in the blog’s main menu.

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