Rush: Rock Hall Induction Video Takes Off!

Back in January, I uploaded a newly-produced Cygnus Studios video to YouTube: The complete induction ceremony of Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which took place in 2013. It contains the entire smash, including their live performance.

Considering their current acclaim and millions of rabid fans, amazingly it just sat there for months with less than 400 views.

That shit palace had long snubbed one of the greatest Progressive Rock bands of all time, though they were induction-eligible for over fourteen years back then.

Originating from the 1976 album “2112”,
the instantly recognizable “Star Man” logo.

Throughout their 40+ year career, Rush recorded 19 studio albums and produced 11 live albums, along with 12 compilations. They toured tirelessly with the same three members, 25 outings in all for a total of 1,951 concerts. It’s no secret that’s how they built one of the largest and most loyal fan bases ever.

Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and Geddy Lee in the late 1970’s.

If you want to talk record sales, not many people are aware that per the RIAA, Rush is in 4th place with the most consecutive gold and platinum Rock albums in history, trailing only Aerosmith (3rd), The Rolling Stones (2nd), with The Beatles in the top slot. Let me tell ya, that’s some pretty damned good company.

All of this happened despite nearly non-existent radio airplay or coverage by mainstream music media outlets. They always stuck to their guns, and damn the torpedoes of what may have been popular at any given time or what their past record label had to say.

That’s absolutely what I respect most about these three totally incredible virtuosos.

Back on subject, the video suddenly took off over the past several weeks with thousands of views per day, and as of this writing has been played over 35,000 times! I’m certain what initially sparked it was the untimely death of Taylor Hawkins since he and Dave Grohl were the ones who made the actual induction speech, which is noted in the video description. Surely, many folks were searching for videos of Hawkins at the time.

Nevertheless, looking through all of the comments made and the number of playlists it’s been added to, its newly-found popularity obviously also got it noticed by a boatload of Rush fans. I mean, it took off like an freaking skyrocket.

All that said, without further ado, here’s the induction. It’s my hope you’ll enjoy it as much as the many thousands of other YouTubers have.

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