Craig’s Not Dead!

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…

Sorry for the lack of posts in a while, but “real life” demands have been many as of late.

However, I’ve taken quite a bit of time to completely overhaul the blog for improved navigation and appearance. Some additional features have also been added here and there, such as a video feed from Kenny Gioia’s “REAPER Mania” YouTube channel in the sidebar for easy access to his latest tutorials.

Recent studio upgrades have consumed a lot of my time as well. You never realize how much gear you’ve got until you need to move it all out and back in again!

All that said, no worries, there’s definitely more stuff in the works:

  • Full-length documentary film, covering the life of one of Rock’s most infamous characters.

I’m hoping to have this highly-enjoyable video available very soon.

  • Fresh Cygnus music production, a cover of an artist I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Work has already begun on that, but still in its fledgling stages mainly due to many DAW and cabling re-configurations. It’ll be at least a couple of weeks before it’s complete.

  • Equipment reviews I’ve been meaning to get to, which have been piling up.

Anyway, it’ll likely take a considerable amount of time to finish all that, and I sincerely appreciate your patience. Promise, they’ll be worth waiting for.

In the meanwhile, please explore some existing content you may not have previously seen, and Rock on!

– Craig

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