Introduction and Welcome to Cygnus Studios!

Note: Although this video refers to my YouTube videos at its ending (since some, including this one, reside on YouTube), there are also many additional videos available for viewing here via the “Videos” -> “Cygnus Studios Local Videos” link in the top blog menu.

Craig uses and personally endorses (no kidding, all of this stuff!):

Gibson, Fender, Godin Seagull and Ovation guitars
Ernie Ball and D’Addario guitar strings
Jim Dunlop guitar products
Seymour Duncan guitar products
SIREN guitar products
Music Nomad guitar products
Snarling Dogs Brain guitar picks and Mick’s bass picks
DW drums and hardware
Zildjian, Paiste and Wuhan cymbals
Treeworks, LP and Rhythm Tech percussion products
DW, Remo and Evans drum heads
Pro-Mark drum sticks
AHEAD drum sticks and accessories
Tama Iron Cobra drum pedals
Pearl and Gibraltar drum hardware
ROC N SOC drum thrones
Yamaha Digital synthesizers
Korg Analog synthesizers and sequencers
Hohner harmonicas
Marshall, Line 6 and Carvin amplification and effects
Carvin mixers
Carvin PA speaker systems
Tascam digital recorders
Mackie studio monitors
BOSS effects processors
R0DE, Sennheiser, Carvin and CAD microphones
Marantz and CAD studio headphones
PreSonus headphone amplification
Hosa and Carvin cabling
Ultimate Support, Atlas, On-Stage and Hercules equipment stands
Dell personal computers
Dell computer displays
Cakewalk DAW
Harrison Mixbus DAW
Audacity DAW
About eleventy seven DAW plugins
Pinnacle Studio 22 Plus – Video Editing Suite
Guitar Pro tab/score production software
DeoxIT electronics cleaners
Budweiser, Shock Top Belgian White, and JDub’s Passion Wheat beer
Velcro One-Wrap cable ties, by the mile!