Welcome to Cygnus Studios!

Founded in 2015, the name of my humble home studio is a tip of the hat to my all-time favorite band for over 40 years, Rush (and more specifically, their epic song “Cygnus X1“).

I write, arrange, perform, record, mix and master various genres of music here, as well as produce videos and music-related documentation. Flying solo as a one-man-band, I normally play all instruments as well as perform all vocals, along with the occasional guest artist sitting in with me.

Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, here’s a short introductory video about Cygnus…

Note: This end of this video refers to my YouTube channel (since some reside there, including this one). But, in addition there are many videos available for viewing here on the “Cygnus Studios Local Videos” page. Either of these may be selected at any time from the top menu.