New Video: Rik Emmett (formerly of Triumph)

Emmett's mind-blowing seven-minute guitar solo, as performed at the US Festival in San Bernardino, California, 1983. Click here to view and for further details, or you can always find it on theCygnus Studios Local Videos > Live Concert Footage page. There’s lots of other great local videos over there too, so do some exploring while you’re … Continue reading New Video: Rik Emmett (formerly of Triumph)

A Tribute to Mike Nesmith: HEAD

As a tribute to Michael Nesmith who passed away on December 10, Cygnus Studios proudly presents the Monkees' film, “HEAD” in its entirety! Graphics by Doctör Ivan It’s a satirical, psychedelic movie with absolutely no plot, which unfortunately failed miserably at the box office ($750,000 budget, $16,000 box office gross). This was largely due to … Continue reading A Tribute to Mike Nesmith: HEAD

Noteworthy Music News

Most people are well aware that Progressive Rock is my very favorite music genre. And, as you've likely already gleaned from my studio name, Rush is my #1, for over 40 years now. Out of the clear blue sky, I happened to run across a Prog band called "Paradigm Blue" on YouTube a few weeks … Continue reading Noteworthy Music News

Review: Budget Guitar Effects Gear

While I realize there's been a lot of discussion regarding effects pedals on this blog lately, I wanted to step through an overview of my current rig which largely consists of budget gear. Nearly every individual component goes for under $50, yet many provide at least comparable performance to much more expensive brands. I receive … Continue reading Review: Budget Guitar Effects Gear

New Page Added: Visitor Video Contributions

A new page has been created to host videos submitted by Cygnus blog visitors and associates. As long as they're music-related, I encourage anyone to share yours… Instructions on how to do so are included at the top: Click To Visit The Brand-New Visitor Contributions Page It can also be accessed at any time under … Continue reading New Page Added: Visitor Video Contributions