Review: Budget Guitar Effects Gear

While I realize there's been a lot of discussion regarding effects pedals on this blog lately, I wanted to step through an overview of my current rig which largely consists of budget gear. Nearly every individual component goes for under $50, yet many provide at least comparable performance to much more expensive brands. I receive … Continue reading Review: Budget Guitar Effects Gear

New Page Added: Visitor Video Contributions

A new page has been created to host videos submitted by Cygnus blog visitors and associates. As long as they're music-related, I encourage anyone to share yours… Instructions on how to do so are included at the top: Click To Visit The Brand-New Visitor Contributions Page It can also be accessed at any time under … Continue reading New Page Added: Visitor Video Contributions

“Leavin’ On Your Mind” – 2021 Remaster!

While I realize I’ve probably beaten my production of Patsy Cline's "Leavin' On Your Mind" to death here already, there’s a couple of new activities surrounding it that I’m very excited about and wanted to share... A brief timeline... September 2019: Initial release on SoundClick. September 2019: Shortly after release, climbs to #1 on "Country/Cover … Continue reading “Leavin’ On Your Mind” – 2021 Remaster!

Review: Bog Street ALL AXE-CESS Ergonomic Guitar Picks

I’ve been reading positive words about these newly released picks elsewhere and they seemed to be quite innovative, so I couldn’t resist giving them a try for myself, especially since I received a variety 12-pack of them for free in exchange for a review. Bog Street product claims. As you can see from the illustration … Continue reading Review: Bog Street ALL AXE-CESS Ergonomic Guitar Picks