Review: Ballads and Love Songs

Warning: I've no doubt that certain folks will find these songs "corny", and for that matter maybe this entire post as well. That said, if you're not into this type of music, better stop reading now. But bear in mind, always explore every musical genre you can find. Otherwise, you're likely missing out on some wonderful stuff … Continue reading Review: Ballads and Love Songs

David Gilmour (featuring Richard Wright) – “Time” – 2007

Just can't seem to get this tune out of my head lately, perhaps because I'm getting up there into my senior years... It's most definitely fitting. That said, I decided to produce a music video of a spectactular performance of the song, with on-screen lyrics for all you Millennials out there. Believe me guys, no … Continue reading David Gilmour (featuring Richard Wright) – “Time” – 2007

New Elmo Karjalainen Album

Elmo has recently released a brand new album, "Back Where We Belong", a follow-up to his 2015 release, "Where We Belong". Like the previous album, this one certainly demonstrates Elmo's unique versatility, as the entire effort consists of acoustic guitar instrumentals. If you've never heard either of these albums, you'd be amazed it's the same … Continue reading New Elmo Karjalainen Album

Cygnus Studios Releases First Album!

I'm proud to announce that Cygnus Studios has released its first complete album, entitled Different Strings. The album title was derived from a couple of things: - It contains various genres of music, including Rock & Roll, a Power Ballad, Pop, Progressive Rock, Punk Rock, and even a Country song. - It's the name of a … Continue reading Cygnus Studios Releases First Album!