New Cygnus Album: “Just Me”

The latest album produced by Cygnus Studios is now available, absolutely free! Cover Artwork by Döctor Ivan Its title is meant to reflect that I personally perform all instruments, arrangements, recording, mixing, and mastering on every track. "Just Me" is available in digital format only, and exclusively on this blog.For your convenience, two versions are … Continue reading New Cygnus Album: “Just Me”

Guitarist Close-Up: Alex Lifeson

It's no big secret that Progressive Rock is my favorite genre of music, a love which was fully ignited by my favorite band of all time, Rush. Enroute to a gig in the late 1970's. During most of my 40+ years of following the band, I could never understand why Alex Lifeson never seemed to … Continue reading Guitarist Close-Up: Alex Lifeson

Review: Ballads and Love Songs

Warning: I've no doubt that certain folks will find these songs "corny", and for that matter maybe this entire post as well. That said, if you're not into this type of music, better stop reading now. But bear in mind, always explore every musical genre you can find. Otherwise, you're likely missing out on some wonderful stuff … Continue reading Review: Ballads and Love Songs

David Gilmour (featuring Richard Wright) – “Time” – 2007

Just can't seem to get this tune out of my head lately, perhaps because I'm getting up there into my senior years... It's most definitely fitting. That said, I decided to produce a music video of a spectactular performance of the song, with on-screen lyrics for all you Millennials out there. Believe me guys, no … Continue reading David Gilmour (featuring Richard Wright) – “Time” – 2007