New Cover: Uriah Heep – The Wizard

While Uriah Heep is primarily known for the song "Easy Livin'" from their landmark album "Demons and Wizards", its opening track "The Wizard" has always been my all-time favorite by the band. Uriah Heep: From the "Demons and Wizards" era, 1972. It popped up on my randomizer a short while back, and I immediately realized … Continue reading New Cover: Uriah Heep – The Wizard

New Cover: Bad Company – Seagull

Here’s a beautiful yet often overlooked song, the final track of Bad Company’s debut album. I use this tune for warm-up quite a bit, so I've no idea why it took so long for me to come up with the idea to cover it. Talk about minimalistic, only 7 tracks make up this entire song, … Continue reading New Cover: Bad Company – Seagull

New Cover: Nirvana – In Bloom

Updated 2020-07-03: Mixing/Mastering tweaks. Although the songs I produce are 90% covers in many different genres, I’ve never hit Grunge, so I decided to record my favorite song by Nirvana. That said, here’s my arrangement of "In Bloom", from what I consider their finest album, "Nevermind". RIP to Mr. Cobain, you're sorely missed. His joining … Continue reading New Cover: Nirvana – In Bloom

The Transformation of Keith Richards

I had previously posted another video similar to this one, which I just noticed has disappeared from YouTube. If you've tried to watch unsuccessfully, sorry about that. I've actually found a better one, which has been captured and uploaded to my WordPress server, so it's not going anywhere. It's a very cool "morphing" video of … Continue reading The Transformation of Keith Richards

New Video: Bad Company – Rock Steady

This is an awesome rendition of what I consider to be the best song from their debut album, recorded live at the Paramount Theatre in Denver, Colorado during their 2002 tour. I've also included a little personal anecdote regarding the album itself, as I often do. It's worth a chuckle or two, especially if you're … Continue reading New Video: Bad Company – Rock Steady

New Video: Rush Live at the Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands, 1979

Cygnus Studios presents a partial performance of the epic "La Villa Strangiato", filmed at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands back way back in 1979. At the time, Rush was on a worldwide tour in support of their new album, the classic "Hemispheres". If you happen to be in the "Geddy Lee's voice gives me … Continue reading New Video: Rush Live at the Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands, 1979

New Cover: Marc Bolan – Ballrooms Of Mars

Considering Marc Bolan of the band T. Rex is being posthumously inducted into the R&RHoF this year (as usual, about fucking time), the opportunity seemed right for a cover of my favorite tune produced by this true "Glam Rock" pioneer, a genre that's regrettably often overlooked. Please scroll down to read the complete story behind … Continue reading New Cover: Marc Bolan – Ballrooms Of Mars

Drummer Close-Up: Max Weinberg

Hopefully, I can make the time to produce more videos like this one, reviewing the masters of my primary instrument... I doubt this awesome drummer's name rings a bell for most layman, but here's just a few of his accomplishments... Drummer for the E. Street Band for over 46 years. Spent 17 years as the … Continue reading Drummer Close-Up: Max Weinberg

Rock Icon Wallpaper by Doctör Ivan – Loads of Additions

It's high time I made an announcement that many new desktop wallpapers have been added to the subject page... Thanks once again to the good Doctör Ivan for his excellent work, as well as permission to make them available here. There are now 111 wallpapers in the collection! All are available anytime via the "Images" … Continue reading Rock Icon Wallpaper by Doctör Ivan – Loads of Additions

New Blog Page: Multimedia Lyric Videos

Lyrics are the balladry which allows music to tell a story, and I’ve always found them to be especially important for just that reason. However, the style of some artist’s vocals often make them difficult to understand, or worse yet misheard as other phrases entirely. Hopefully, the videos I produce for this new page will … Continue reading New Blog Page: Multimedia Lyric Videos