New Cover: Uriah Heep – The Wizard

While Uriah Heep is primarily known for the song "Easy Livin'" from their landmark album "Demons and Wizards", its opening track "The Wizard" has always been my all-time favorite by the band. Uriah Heep: From the "Demons and Wizards" era, 1972. It popped up on my randomizer a short while back, and I immediately realized … Continue reading New Cover: Uriah Heep – The Wizard

Coming Soon: Podcasts

Introducing Cygnus Studios podcasts…Let's Explore Music! I'll be using podcasts to discuss anything and everything having to do with music. Episodes will not only consist of solo content from myself, but interviews with others as well. They will available both on this blog and also on popular broadcasting services. All episodes will be absolutely free, … Continue reading Coming Soon: Podcasts

Configuring “Overlapped Delay” In Your DAW

This may be a redundant subject for those intimate with DAW software, but I wanted to outline the technique for others, as it's a really cool use of delay plugins (for the layman, a repeating echo effect). It can be applied to all sorts of different tracks... Vocals, guitars, drums, you name it. I'll be … Continue reading Configuring “Overlapped Delay” In Your DAW

New Blog Page: Multimedia Lyric Videos

Lyrics are the balladry which allows music to tell a story, and I’ve always found them to be especially important for just that reason. However, the style of some artist’s vocals often make them difficult to understand, or worse yet misheard as other phrases entirely. Hopefully, the videos I produce for this new page will … Continue reading New Blog Page: Multimedia Lyric Videos

The Death of a True Legend

I'm absolutely floored, and literally in tears. My hero has passed, and what a totally monumental loss for the music world it is. Neil was voted best Rock drummer so many times by "Modern Drummer" magazine that he became no longer eligible for that tally. As anyone who's seriously listened to or witnessed this man … Continue reading The Death of a True Legend

A Very Merry Christmas To You, Through The Arts

Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, from Cygnus Studios to you and yours! While decorating trees, putting up lights, Santa and the like are all great fun, never forget the true meaning of Christmas, that being the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I wanted to help you folks … Continue reading A Very Merry Christmas To You, Through The Arts