Local Video Enhancements In Progress

I'm currently in the process of migrating all Cygnus Studios Local Videos to reside directly on this blog server, which should be completed within a week or so. You'll experience a much improved video interface with more function, which will allow you to more easily share videos, toggle HD and full-screen modes on/off, among many other … Continue reading Local Video Enhancements In Progress

Fun With Isolated Music Tracks

If you pay any attention to my Facebook timeline at all (and I certainly don't blame you if you don't), you're already aware of my fondness for isolated music tracks from a given song. It's really interesting stuff to listen to, and you can find tons of examples on YouTube. So, screw it, I thought … Continue reading Fun With Isolated Music Tracks

Journey into the Black Hole of Cygnus

The blog's "Studio Photos" page has received an overhaul, both for new equipment and instruments recently added, as well as getting rid of some older stuff that's no longer in use. If you're into musical instruments and associated gear, you might enjoy this trip into the Black Hole, for a short tour of some of my studio … Continue reading Journey into the Black Hole of Cygnus

Extremely Rare! – Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics 1992 – RUSH

Cygnus Studios proudly presents one of the rarest Rush-related items on the planet... I ran across it yesterday while going through a box of old Rush swag. This particular item had been in storage for more years than I can even begin to count, safely tucked away in a protective plastic sleeve. It was originally … Continue reading Extremely Rare! – Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics 1992 – RUSH

Music MEMEs Updated

I love MEMEs... As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with a bit of text they get any given point across, instantly. I continuously gather the best music MEMEs I run into around the Internet, as well as create my own originals. Many new ones have been recently added to the Music … Continue reading Music MEMEs Updated

New Video: The “F-Word”

WARNING: Contains explicit language, so be sure to listen on headphones if there's anyone nearby that may be offended. The hilarious audio contained within this video is an Internet classic, and has been floating around for well over 10 years. I thought it would be a bit of fun to resurrect it in the form … Continue reading New Video: The “F-Word”

A Tribute To Mr. Christer Karjalainen

This post is to express my sincere thanks to a close compadre, Mr. Christer Karjalainen. I really knew next to jack taco about mixing studio sound until I was lucky enough to meet this master engineer online, one fine day. Christer had heard my cover of "Joe's Garage" on the 'net back in 2015, liked … Continue reading A Tribute To Mr. Christer Karjalainen