A Guitar Resurrection…

The Rock & Roll Gods do indeed smile down upon me from time to time... My Niece Megan and her Husband Jeff gifted me a Peavey DW-3 acoustic guitar they ran across, since neither of them play. They've both seen my t-shirt which reads, "You can never have too many guitars", more than once. True story, … Continue reading A Guitar Resurrection…

Elmo Karjalainen: The “Psychology of Playing”

Elmo Karjalainen, my Finnish Amigo and guitarist extraordinaire, has just released a series of excellent videos entitled the "Psychology of Playing". About this particular video series, in Elmo's own words: "Well, I'd say the clue is in the title. I think it's very important stuff for many people, and I talk about issues that I see every … Continue reading Elmo Karjalainen: The “Psychology of Playing”

UPDATED: Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance – Third Edition – Free PDF!

The lastest edition of my Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance document is now available, absolutely free of charge! It serves to consolidate care and maintenance methods I've picked up over the years, into a single document which covers a wide variety of related subjects. This Third Edition has received an end-to-end overhaul, including updated guitar specs, set-up … Continue reading UPDATED: Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance – Third Edition – Free PDF!

Advances in Recording Technology: Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper

I really love listening to isolated music tracks. You can most certainly learn a lot as a musician and/or studio engineer by doing so, plus it's simply great fun for the average music lover. I've no idea how the hell the creator of the example video I'm about to present got his hands on copies … Continue reading Advances in Recording Technology: Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper

Drum Enhancement In Mixes Using the REAPER DAW

I had previously made a post on the subject of recorded sound replacement, which covered only one, pretty limited technique for drums using a Gate capable of MIDI output along with a VST instrument (i.e., a complete drum kit). Although that method can be used with just about any DAW out there, the one I'm about to … Continue reading Drum Enhancement In Mixes Using the REAPER DAW

New Elmo Karjalainen Videos

Elmo has cranked out four new videos this week, all brilliantly done, as always. I just had to share them here with you (with Elmo's permission, of course). Thank you Elmo, my good friend and fellow loony! Insane Guitar Solo? (feat. a MITTEN) Boss JB-2 Angry Driver Review (their first collaboration) The Best Guitar Tutorial … Continue reading New Elmo Karjalainen Videos

Drum Replacement In Mixes

UPDATE: If you're using the REAPER DAW, here's a more recent post that provides a far more flexible approach in creating yet another “Poor Man’s Drumagog”, using only built-in functions. Not a single plugin is required! Drum Enhancement In Mixes Using the REAPER DAW Ever receive improperly recorded drums for mixing, that just sound flat-out … Continue reading Drum Replacement In Mixes