Review: Budget Guitar Effects Gear

While I realize there's been a lot of discussion regarding effects pedals on this blog lately, I wanted to step through an overview of my current rig which largely consists of budget gear. Nearly every individual component goes for under $50, yet many provide at least comparable performance to much more expensive brands. I receive … Continue reading Review: Budget Guitar Effects Gear

Marshall DSL40CR Addendum – Accessories

A short while ago, I wrote a review of the Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo amplifier. In this article, I'll be discussing a few essentials I've added to it since that time... The floorboard of my previous amp (a Line 6 Spider III) had a built-in Wah pedal, and at first I thought it wouldn't be … Continue reading Marshall DSL40CR Addendum – Accessories

Review: Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo Amplifier

My main amplifier for many years has been a Line 6 Spider III "modeling" unit. It's served me well both in the studio as well as at gigs, with never a single problem. Line 6 Spider III Modeling Guitar Amplifier Notable features: Pushes 75W through a 12” Celestion speaker, custom-made for Line 6.250 preset effects … Continue reading Review: Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo Amplifier

Guitar Effects – Which Pedal Order Is Best?

I've experimented with uncountable effect pedal chain orders, and thought I'd do a bit of writing about what seems to have worked out well for me. Coincidentaly, in the middle of putting together this article, my Finnish Amigo and Guitarist Extraordinaire Elmo Karjalainen published an excellent YouTube video on the subject. He kindly gave me … Continue reading Guitar Effects – Which Pedal Order Is Best?