Def Leppard – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction – 2019

A new video has been added to the "Cygnus Studios Local Videos - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions" page, the induction of Def Leppard into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including their complete live performance. Seems they saved the best for last, but there's no need for you to sit through the other … Continue reading Def Leppard – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction – 2019

New Elmo Karjalainen Album

Elmo has recently released a brand new album, "Back Where We Belong", a follow-up to his 2015 release, "Where We Belong". Like the previous album, this one certainly demonstrates Elmo's unique versatility, as the entire effort consists of acoustic guitar instrumentals. If you've never heard either of these albums, you'd be amazed it's the same … Continue reading New Elmo Karjalainen Album

RIP To The Free Cakewalk DAW

Well, the free ride from BandLab for Cakewalk DAW software is officially over. I received this email on 2018-10-22: Dear Craig Guerrieri, The subscription shown below will expire 6 days from today. Because you are a valued subscriber with us, we wanted to let you know of this and invite you to renew your service today. Product … Continue reading RIP To The Free Cakewalk DAW

The Return Of Living Colour!

One excellent, very underrated band has returned, and is now on tour for the first time in forever. Best of all, Corey Glover is back with them on vocals to boot! You may have heard the song that broke Living Colour into the music mainstream, called "Cult Of Personality". Even if you've heard it before, it's definitely worth another listen. What … Continue reading The Return Of Living Colour!

Introducing Mike Milan Dedic

So, this dude I've never heard of contacts me through Facebook Messenger out of the clear blue sky and asks if I would mind posting his latest video here, entitled "Launch (Re-launch)". It blew me out of my shoes. If you like Instrumental Rock, you're going to love this. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Mike Milan … Continue reading Introducing Mike Milan Dedic

RIP: “The Queen Of Soul”

Such a huge loss. Aretha Franklin was definitely one of shining icons of the music world, if not the brightest star when it comes to female vocalists, ever. This, from Wikipedia: "Franklin recorded 112 charted singles on Billboard, including 77 Hot 100 entries, 17 top ten pop singles, 100 R&B entries and 20 number-one R&B … Continue reading RIP: “The Queen Of Soul”

New Judas Priest Album – “Firepower”

Hooray, a new Judas Priest album was just released called "Firepower", along with a video for the featured song, "No Surrender"! Some interesting tidbits It's their first album since "Redeemer of Souls", four years ago. It sold 49,000 copies in the United States within its first week of release and debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard … Continue reading New Judas Priest Album – “Firepower”

Cakewalk Resurrected by BandLab!

Back in late 2017, I posted about the demise of SONAR Cakewalk. Well, here's some wonderful news... Cakewalk has been resurrected by a company called BandLab! Looks like a cool outfit, which facilitates music collaboration online. Here's the skinny on Cakewalk that I received in an email from BandLab this morning: "In case you missed … Continue reading Cakewalk Resurrected by BandLab!