Cygnus Studios Local Videos

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Following are videos which have been edited or produced from scratch by yours truly, at Cygnus Studios. They are only available on this blog, and have not been released elsewhere for a variety of reasons.


Feel Free to Download and Share!
Unlike YouTube, the Cygnus Studios blog video player has superior function for downloading and sharing via other means, right there on the spot with absolutely no external tools required.

Simply click SHARE in the upper right corner of any local video, and you’ll be presented with the following menu:

Wordpress video player - Sharing view

Using these options, you can:

  • Directly download the original video file (recommended) with just a few clicks, or in one of several other formats if you’d prefer.
  • Copy a permanent link to the video, for pasting into other web sites such as Facebook.
  • Copy automatically generated embed code, to allow in-line display of the player if you happen to be an HTML author (simply ignore this option if you don’t know what it means).

There are also several other self-explanatory tick boxes at the top of the player, all of which will affect the various sharing options available.

We aim to please, and hope that you’ll enjoy and make use of these great capabilities!