Table of Contents

The LoLo Show
What To Do In a Zombie Attack
Toilet Paper Management
The F-Word
Heavy Metal Christmas
The Transformation of Keith Richards

The LoLo Show

March 2021

Featuring my longtime friend and digital graphics artist extraordinaire, Doctör Ivan along with Lois Burak and her gay partner in crime Joe Delong, The LoLo Show is a hilarious, no holds barred look at life, love and the messy details in-between.

Video episodes:

Audio episodes:

What To Do In a Zombie Attack

December 2020

It’s time for another extremely important Public Service announcement…

Obtained directly from the Office of Civilian Defense, this video contains information that everyone should be aware of in the event of a Zombie attack. Of course, it would be a matter of life and death, and yours would certainly hang in the balance!

WARNING: Contains violence, gore, and other content that may be offensive to some viewers.

You know, all that shit most people look for in a good movie.

Toilet Paper Management

April 2020

A very important Public Service announcement…

Here’s something I learned in the Boy Scouts which will help you through the COVID-19 epidemic, and resulting toilet paper shortages.

The F-Word

August 2018

Hilarious classic Internet audio from way back, made even more-so when put to my little slideshow.

Heavy Metal Christmas

December 2016

A little video I created to go along with this song from the Twisted Sister album, “A Twisted Christmas”.

When the time is upon us, here’s wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

The Transformation of Keith Richards

May 2016

I’m not sure if this is Humor or Horror, but it is a very cool “morphing” video of Keith Richard’s face, from 1962 through 2015.

WARNING: This is pretty intense, so I wouldn’t recommended viewing if you’ve recently ingested any sort of hallucinogens.

I assume no responsibility for any consequences whatsoever which may arise in doing so, like jumping out of windows, or other sorts of shit like that.

Originally uploaded to YouTube by “strettonbull”.

2 thoughts on “Humor

  1. I loved these videos, they were effing good! (The word effing is another word for fecking, or…). The zombie movie was great, bleeding great! (Bleeding being another word for, you know…). So now I´ll just bugger off. Your friend Christer


    1. Hello Christer!

      Glad you enjoyed the videos in this section of my “Local Videos”. I try always try to use the best stuff for my raw material, and these pass the fucking test. Whoops, guess I’ve been watching the “F-Word” too much! ;^)

      You might want to check out some of the vids in the other categories, there may be a few on those pages you’ll enjoy as well…

      Cygnus Studios Videos

      Stay safe mi viejo amigo, I surely hope we meet again. After this pandemic shit is over, don’t be surprised if you find me knocking on your studio door one of these days!


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