KC Sound and SLY Studio, Turku, Finland

Owners/Operators: Christer Karjalainen and Sasa Opacic
Special thanks: Elmo Karjalainen

I met Christer online after he ran across my rendition of the Frank Zappa song “Joe’s Garage”, which took me about a month to record. He then most generously offered to re-mix it, if I would send him the individual tracks. A professional studio engineer wants to remix my song? I jumped at the chance, and had the tracks to him in 15 minutes. He then got his re-mix over to Sasa Opacic at SLY Studio for mastering. I nearly shit when I heard the results, and you can check out the completed song in the “Music” and “Videos” sections. These two guys are absolute studio masters!

Over the next year and a half or so, Christer and I became email “pen pals”, and ultimately very good friends. I learned so much about studio engineering from him, for which I’ll always be so very grateful. I finally decided to go and meet him and his crew in Turku, Finland, during April of 2017.

While I was there, he mixed (and again, Sasa mastered) my original song, “Medians Conspire”. Christer’s son Elmo also graciously offered to play lead guitar on the track. He’s an unbelievably fantastic musician, yet so humble. You can check out the completed song in the “Music” and “Videos” sections. I’m very proud of that track and think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written and recorded, no small thanks to Christer, Sasa, and Elmo.

The trip itself was so much fun, and all of the folks there immediately made me feel like I was part of the family. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me Christer, my great friend!

Here are a few unedited, raw videos from my trip…

Christer introducing the “West Coast Blues Band” at the KC Sound 30th Anniversary party.
Hopefully, you understand Finnish!

A song performed by the “West Coast Blues Band” at that party, with one badass keyboard solo on Christer’s authentic Hammond B3 and Leslie!

Christer mixing down the entire “West Coast Blues Band” performance the next day, which he recorded during the party.

Elmo giving me a guitar lesson, in two minutes flat.
Unfortunately, I was too drunk when I shot this to pick up anything at the time. The reason? As you’ve probably guessed, it was also recorded well into the KC Sound 30th Anniversary party.

Christer mixing the drum tracks for my original song, “Medians Conspire” .

Sasa mastering the completed mix of “Medians Conspire”.

Christer recording drums for a song in progress, for producer Teddy Grimstad.