KC Sound and SLY Studio, Turku, Finland

Owners/Operators: Christer Karjalainen and Sasa Opacic
Special thanks: Elmo Karjalainen

I first met Christer online after he ran across my rendition of the Frank Zappa song “Joe’s Garage”, which was so complicated it took me around a month to record and wound up using about 40 tracks. I was a mixing/mastering rookie back then, and never really satisfied with the sound of the finished product. He most generously offered to re-mix it, if I could get the individual track WAV files to him.

A professional Studio Engineer wants to remix my song? I jumped at the chance, and had those files to him in 15 minutes. He then got his re-mix over to Sasa Opacic at SLY Studio for mastering. I nearly shit when I heard the results, you can check it out here:

Listen to “Joe’s Garage” on SoundClick

Over the next year and a half or so, Christer and I became email pen pals, and ultimately very good friends to this day. He’s remains my studio engineering mentor and has taught me so much, for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Stocked up on notebooks along with my Bobby Owsinski Recording/Mixing/Mastering Handbooks in tow to mark up, I finally decided to travel to beautiful Turku, Finland, during April of 2017 to meet him and his crew.

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While I was there, he mixed (and again, Sasa mastered) my original, “Medians Conspire”. Christer’s son Elmo also graciously offered to play lead guitar on the track, who’s a very humble guy despite being an unbelievably talented musician. I’m very proud of that song and think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written and recorded, no small thanks to Christer, Sasa, and Elmo!

Just a few short, raw videos here…

Christer mixing the drum tracks for “Medians Conspire”:

Sasa mastering the completed mix of “Medians Conspire”:

Listen to the released song on SoundClick:
Medians Conspire

Observing Christer work his magic over about two weeks, I was able to learn so much more from him in a professional recording studio setting. I was most definitely in my element there, it was music heaven.

The round-trip itself was a long one, but far beyond worth it. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me Christer, my good friend!

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