Videos having nothing to do with music, but entertaining nonetheless.

The “F-Word”

Hilarious audio that’s been floating around on the Internet for well over 10 years, put to a slideshow.

WARNING: Contains explicit language, so be sure to listen on headphones if there’s anyone nearby that may be offended.
August 2018

Penn & Teller: BULLSHIT!

This series provides great entertainment, while containing actual educational value! All 8 seasons are available On-Demand on Showtime, and I highly recommend them.

Here are just a few samples…

Highlights from episode “Death Inc.” (S2/Ep9)
The graveyard card trick, absolutely hilarious!
January 2017

Highlights from episode “Bottled Water” (S1/Ep7)
Couples trying a variety of bottled water in a fancy restaurant.
January 2017

Highlights from episode “Gun Control” (S3/Ep9)
Think gun control laws accomplish anything? You need to check out this video.
May 2017