Review: Music Nomad FRINE Fret Polishing Kit

I purchased a new Fender Telecaster about a week ago. After sitting it in my guitar rack next to my Strat and Les Paul, I never realized just how much oxidation had built up on the frets of the latter two guitars over the years. A common practice to take care of this is taping … Continue reading Review: Music Nomad FRINE Fret Polishing Kit

Elmo Karjalainen: The “Psychology of Playing”

Elmo Karjalainen, my Finnish Amigo and guitarist extraordinaire, has just released a series of excellent videos entitled the "Psychology of Playing". About this particular video series, in Elmo's own words: "Well, I'd say the clue is in the title. I think it's very important stuff for many people, and I talk about issues that I see every … Continue reading Elmo Karjalainen: The “Psychology of Playing”

UPDATED: Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance – Third Edition – Free PDF!

The lastest edition of my Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance document is now available, absolutely free of charge! It serves to consolidate care and maintenance methods I've picked up over the years, into a single document which covers a wide variety of related subjects. This Third Edition has received an end-to-end overhaul, including updated guitar specs, set-up … Continue reading UPDATED: Basic Guitar Care and Maintenance – Third Edition – Free PDF!

Fallen Angel

My latest release is a song about unconditional love, and the forgiveness it can bring. It's a baritone variation of this classic ballad, along with a new arrangement. Various versions have been recorded over the years by Frankie Valli, Helen Schneider, Rogue, and others. Listen to "Fallen Angel" on SoundClick Credits: Arrangements, performances, recording, mixing … Continue reading Fallen Angel

Two More Greats Bite the Dust

Man, it seems like famous musicians have been dropping like flies lately. It's really starting to make me feel my years. Two more have passed away, within one day of each other... Blues artist Leon Redbone and Roky Erickson, founder of the Psychedelic Rock pioneers, the 13th Floor Elevators. In their honor, two new "Rock Icon" wallpapers have … Continue reading Two More Greats Bite the Dust

David Gilmour (featuring Richard Wright) – “Time” – 2007

Just can't seem to get this tune out of my head lately, perhaps because I'm getting up there into my senior years... It's most definitely fitting. That said, I decided to produce a music video of a spectactular performance of the song, with on-screen lyrics for all you Millennials out there. Believe me guys, no … Continue reading David Gilmour (featuring Richard Wright) – “Time” – 2007

Def Leppard – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction – 2019

A new video has been added to the "Cygnus Studios Local Videos - Music Awards" page, the induction of Def Leppard into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including their complete live performance. Seems they saved the best for last, but there's no need for you to sit through the other 2+ hours of bullshit... I've … Continue reading Def Leppard – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction – 2019