Clapton Cover

UPDATED 2019-08-27:

Just started work on a new cover tune from my favorite Eric Clapton album, “Slowhand”. Which one? I’m not saying, don’t you just love surprises?

So far, only the usual prep work is complete (always extensive, since I’m so anal about documenting everything). I’ve also had to tab out the bass guitar, since as usual I couldn’t find a decent one on the web.

This will be the first Cygnus release recorded directly into the REAPER DAW, via a Behringer UMC1820 USB audio interface which has replaced my Tascam DP-32SD recorder. Both hardware and software configuration of all that has consumed quite a bit of time as well, but so far it’s working out perfectly.

Stay tuned for updates, hopefully coming soon…

UPDATED 2019-11-08:

Well, I guess than wasn’t so soon, but recording, mixing and mastering is now complete.

View the release announcement


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