Rolling Stones Cover

Updated 2017-09-21:

I’m working on a brand new release, one of my very favorite Rolling Stones songs, from my absolute favorite Rolling Stones album. In fact, I’ve been recording the tracks for it over a few weeks already. Here in Florida, Irma has obviously slowed me down, as well as “real life” commitments following the storm.

Sometimes unforeseen difficulties can also pop up on a tune that sounds deceptively simple, forcing me to take some additional creative steps to fill those gaps. That’s also been the case with this one, but I’m working through them.

Updated 2017-10-01:

Stick a fork in it and call it done, completed recording this morning. YAYYYYYYY… ;^)

Now, over to the DAW table for mixing and mastering, all 18 tracks of it. Hey, real progress is happening again, but I’ve still got at least a few days work to do.

Whew, this one-man-band/studio engineer shit ain’t easy, just ask Elmo!

Updated 2017-10-05:

So much for that conclusion. Ran into some difficulties with the vocal arrangements, and all three vocal tracks had to be re-recorded. I’m REALLY done now… Well, hopefully!

So, back to the DAW table it is, for another shot at the mix.

Updated 2017-10-11:

Mixing and mastering complete.

View the release announcement

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