Clapton Cover

UPDATED 2019-08-27: Just started work on a new cover tune from my favorite Eric Clapton album, "Slowhand". Which one? I'm not saying, don't you just love surprises? So far, only the usual prep work is complete (always extensive, since I'm so anal about documenting everything). I've also had to tab out the bass guitar, since … Continue reading Clapton Cover

Valli Cover

UPDATED 2019-05-06: Another looong time between new releases... Sorry about that, but lots of "real life" demands have kept me out of the studio for the most part. But, I do have one in progress now... The film "Jersey Boys" brought back so many memories to me. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend … Continue reading Valli Cover

Zappa Cover

UPDATED 2018-05-15: Good Lord, it's been a long time since I've churned out a new song... Been too busy with "real life", along with other studio projects that you already know about if you've been following this blog. My daughter has been telling me that I need to get back into my vocal range, so … Continue reading Zappa Cover

“Sub-Kick” Microphone

I've recently completed the build of a sub-kick microphone for my bass drum. When it comes to punch used in tandem with my Sennheiser e902 internal microphone, wow, what a difference! Read all about the details here, including an audio demo.

Rolling Stones Cover

Updated 2017-09-21: I'm working on a brand new release, one of my very favorite Rolling Stones songs, from my absolute favorite Rolling Stones album. In fact, I've been recording the tracks for it over a few weeks already. Here in Florida, Irma has obviously slowed me down, as well as "real life" commitments following the … Continue reading Rolling Stones Cover