Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

Following are what I feel are the best R&RHoF inductions which have taken place over the past few years. In each, I’ve removed everything but the portions covering the truly deserving acts, thus saving you from having to sit through hours of other bullshit.

Obviously, I’ve missed more than a few, but by the time I put this page together I no longer had access to the source videos. I’ll try to be better about that in the future.

Table of Contents

Marc Bolan/T. Rex
Def Leppard

Marc Bolan/T. Rex

Inducted by his son, Rolan Bolan: 2020

It’s about time this true “Glam Rock” pioneer finally got in…

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there were no live performances in this year’s ceremony. A multimedia video for each artist was presented instead, combining interviews, stock footage, commentary, and of course acceptance speeches.

This is the portion of the show where Bolan was posthumously inducted. The speech on behalf of Marc was made by his son, Rolan.

Marc Bolan: The Electric Warrior, 1947-1977

Def Leppard

Inducted by Brian May, of Queen: 2019

Wow, Leppard really wails during their live performance here, especially given their ages. In particular, the vocals of Joe Elliot (59) and guitar work by Phil Collen (61) were impressive indeed.

There’s an extremely poignant moment in the induction speech by Elliot, where he was discussing Rick Allen (DL drummer). As you may know, he lost his left arm and severely damaged his right shoulder as well during an automobile accident in 1985. Surgeons were able to reattach it, but because of an infection it had to be re-amputated. For this to happen to a drummer, you’d surely think it must have spelled the end of his career.

But, there’s no way that Allen was going to accept that. He made the bravest professional comeback I’ve ever heard of, designing a drum kit which allowed him to play the left-handed parts using foot pedals. After what must have been uncountable hours of agonizing practice, he used this kit just a few years later on their most popular album ever, “Hysteria”.

The crowd gave Allen quite a long standing ovation and he was visibly moved, with tears welling up in his eyes (and mine). As a drummer myself, I’m in total awe of the balls on this guy, and his ability to carry on as he has with a band of this caliber.

If you’ve never witnessed him perform, this is a must-see.

Live performance set list:
Rock of Ages
Pour Some Sugar On Me

The closing song in Leppard‘s performance is a treat as well, “All the Young Dudes”, accompanied by Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople), Brian May (Queen), and others. What a cherry on top!

A short, personal anecdote:

I saw the original prototype of Allen’s “foot pedal” drum kit at the Hard Rock in Vegas several years back, and it was quite a sight to behold up close… Pure genius. Leppard had a one-month residency going there at the time which I also attended that night, and almost got thrown out of because the asshole in back of me was complaining that I was standing up and, boogieing around to the music. The security guy she was bitching to was really cool about it though… He clearly understood that this was a Rock concert, and not some fucking 3rd grade piano recital.


Inducted by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, of Rush: 2017

The acceptance speech by Rick Wakeman is hilarious, including a little anecdote regarding his last prostate exam. No, I’m not kidding… I even told my doctor about it, and he laughed his ass off.

Geddy Lee stands in for Chris Squire (RIP) on bass guitar during the first song of their live performance, absolutely awesome!

Live performance set list:
Owner Of A Lonely Heart


Inducted by Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, of Foo Fighters: 2013

Prior to finally being inducted, Rush had been snubbed for over 15 years following their eligibility, without so much as a nomination.

In one episode of the “Colbert Report”, Stephen Colbert asked the band, “You are yet to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Is there any chance that your next album will be titled ‘That’s Bullshit’?”

Alex Lifeson makes his infamous “Blah, Blah, Blah” speech here, obviously intended to shit all over the R&RHoF, for just that reason. Although the audience ate it up, Geddy Lee had this to say about Lifeson‘s speech during an interview following the ceremony:

“He’s genuinely one of the funniest people you’d ever meet in your life. But I wanted to kill him at the three-minute mark. Neil and I were threatening to knock him on the head and drag him offstage.”

Rush had been together for 41 years at this point. They’re ranked 3rd all-time for consecutive gold and platinum albums, topped only by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, selling more than 50 million albums worldwide. Now, think of all the other acts inducted before them… 90% can’t hold a candle to their talent, or longevity with all of the original members.

Live performance set list:
Partial performance of “2112” by the Foo Fighters, spoofing Rush.
Tom Sawyer
The Spirit of Radio

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