Marshall DSL40CR Addendum – Accessories

A short while ago, I wrote a review of the Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo amplifier. In this article, I'll be discussing a few essentials I've added to it since that time... The floorboard of my previous amp (a Line 6 Spider III) had a built-in Wah pedal, and at first I thought it wouldn't be … Continue reading Marshall DSL40CR Addendum – Accessories

Review: Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo Amplifier

My main amplifier for many years has been a Line 6 Spider III "modeling" unit. It's served me well both in the studio as well as at gigs, with never a single problem. Line 6 Spider III Modeling Guitar Amplifier Notable features: Pushes 75W through a 12” Celestion speaker, custom-made for Line 6.250 preset effects … Continue reading Review: Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo Amplifier