RIP To The Free Cakewalk DAW

Well, the free ride from BandLab for Cakewalk DAW software is officially over. I received this email on 2018-10-22: Dear Craig Guerrieri, The subscription shown below will expire 6 days from today. Because you are a valued subscriber with us, we wanted to let you know of this and invite you to renew your service today. Product … Continue reading RIP To The Free Cakewalk DAW

Cakewalk Resurrected by BandLab!

Back in late 2017, I posted about the demise of SONAR Cakewalk. Well, here's some wonderful news... Cakewalk has been resurrected by a company called BandLab! Looks like a cool outfit, which facilitates music collaboration online. Here's the skinny on Cakewalk that I received in an email from BandLab this morning: "In case you missed … Continue reading Cakewalk Resurrected by BandLab!