New Cover: Bad Company – Seagull

Here’s a beautiful yet often overlooked song, the final track of Bad Company’s debut album. I use this tune for warm-up quite a bit, so I've no idea why it took so long for me to come up with the idea to cover it. Talk about minimalistic, only 7 tracks make up this entire song, … Continue reading New Cover: Bad Company – Seagull

New Cover: Nirvana – In Bloom

Updated 2020-07-03: Mixing/Mastering tweaks. Although the songs I produce are 90% covers in many different genres, I’ve never hit Grunge, so I decided to record my favorite song by Nirvana. That said, here’s my arrangement of "In Bloom", from what I consider their finest album, "Nevermind". RIP to Mr. Cobain, you're sorely missed. His joining … Continue reading New Cover: Nirvana – In Bloom

May You Never

My latest release is a tune that aims to send best wishes to all... Here's to good health, good times, and most of all good friends! Originally written and performed by John Martyn, Eric Clapton also covered this song on the “Slowhand“ album. My personal touch was to create a more rockin' version. It's far … Continue reading May You Never

Journey into the Black Hole of Cygnus

The blog's "Studio Photos" page has received an overhaul, both for new equipment and instruments recently added, as well as getting rid of some older stuff that's no longer in use. If you're into musical instruments and associated gear, you might enjoy this trip into the Black Hole, for a short tour of some of my studio … Continue reading Journey into the Black Hole of Cygnus

Fallen Angel

My latest release is a song about unconditional love, and the forgiveness it can bring. It's a baritone variation of this classic ballad, along with a new arrangement. Various versions have been recorded over the years by Frankie Valli, Helen Schneider, Rogue, and others. Listen to "Fallen Angel" on SoundClick Credits: Arrangements, performances, recording, mixing … Continue reading Fallen Angel

Music MEMEs Updated

I love MEMEs... As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with a bit of text they get any given point across, instantly. I continuously gather the best music MEMEs I run into around the Internet, as well as create my own originals. Many new ones have been recently added to the Music … Continue reading Music MEMEs Updated

To Love You More – Remixed

A beautiful, yet heartbreaking power ballad, about a woman making an impassioned plea to her love not to leave her for another. Recorded back in early 2015, this was first song produced by Cygnus Studios, shortly after it was established. It's another of my "Reverse Karaoke" experiments using a Celine Dion acapella vocal track, and playing … Continue reading To Love You More – Remixed

New Zappa Cover: “Find Her Finer”

I try to stay off the beaten path when performing covers, and this is no exception. It's one of Frank Zappa's far lesser known songs, from an album I'll bet a lot of his fans have never listened to, called "Zoot Allures". I absolutely love the genius of Zappa, although it's difficult to cover even … Continue reading New Zappa Cover: “Find Her Finer”

Cygnus Studios Releases First Album!

I'm proud to announce that Cygnus Studios has released its first complete album, entitled Different Strings. The album title was derived from a couple of things: - It contains various genres of music, including Rock & Roll, a Power Ballad, Pop, Progressive Rock, Punk Rock, and even a Country song. - It's the name of a … Continue reading Cygnus Studios Releases First Album!