Marshall DSL40CR Addendum – Accessories

A short while ago, I wrote a review of the Marshall DSL40CR Tube Combo amplifier. In this article, I'll be discussing a few essentials I've added to it since that time... The floorboard of my previous amp (a Line 6 Spider III) had a built-in Wah pedal, and at first I thought it wouldn't be … Continue reading Marshall DSL40CR Addendum – Accessories

Vocal Microphones and Related Gear Review

At Cygnus Studios, I use a R0DE NT1-A large-diaphragm condenser microphone to record vocals exclusively, and also to mike various other instruments as required. Built in Australia, its construction quality and sound are unsurpassed as compared to other similar microphones in its price range (around $230), and even much more expensive models. Just a few of … Continue reading Vocal Microphones and Related Gear Review