Configuring “Overlapped Delay” In Your DAW

This may be a redundant subject for those intimate with DAW software, but I wanted to outline the technique for others, as it's a really cool use of delay plugins (for the layman, a repeating echo effect). It can be applied to all sorts of different tracks... Vocals, guitars, drums, you name it. I'll be … Continue reading Configuring “Overlapped Delay” In Your DAW

Drum Enhancement In Mixes Using the REAPER DAW

I had previously made a post on the subject of recorded sound replacement, which covered only one, pretty limited technique for drums using a Gate capable of MIDI output along with a VST instrument (i.e., a complete drum kit). Although that method can be used with just about any DAW out there, the one I'm about to … Continue reading Drum Enhancement In Mixes Using the REAPER DAW