Visitor Contributions

To those who have already participated, thank you!

Sincere thanks to visitors who have kindly contributed the videos hosted on this page. Most folks aren’t aware of just how much work goes into creating them, but as a video producer myself I certainly appreciate it.

If you’d like your video considered for inclusion here, please Contact us and include the following information:

  • Video URL (must reside on YouTube).
  • Contributor name: Required, but may be specified for exclusion from credits for privacy reasons if requested.
  • Producer web site URL: Optional, but if provided will be included in credits.
  • Any additional comments/information you’d like added.

YouTube channel URL hosting the video will always be included in contributor credits.

Note: The Contact form may also be accessed at any time from the blog’s main menu.

Table of Contents

Guitar Pedal Order (What Goes Where And Why)

Confused about guitar effects pedal order? Here’s some expert advice from my Finnish Amigo Elmo Karjalainen, one of the finest guitarists in all of Europe.

Contributor: Elmo J. Karjalainen/KC Sound Studio, Turku, Finland

Web site
YouTube channel

Top 10 Guitarists EVER (A Very Objective List)

Here’s another excellent video by Elmo. Of course he’s kidding with this title, since lists like these are obviously very subjective. Nonetheless, I always value his opinions, especially since these guitarists are some of his greatest influences.

A side note: This particular video inspired me to do the opposite with drummers, compiling a list of those who I feel are the most overrated. Despite being published over two years ago, it remains the most visited, controversial, and externally linked article on this entire blog:

Top 10 Most Overrated Drummers of All-Time

Contributor: Elmo J. Karjalainen/KC Sound Studio, Turku, Finland

Web site
YouTube channel

Cakewalk by BandLab Review

Although my personal preference is REAPER, this is a detailed review of Cakewalk, previously my primary DAW. Gibson sold the rights and development of this software to Bandlab as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing back in 2018.

Contributor: Mark Barkan/Higher HZ

Web site
YouTube channel

Korg SQ-1 Sequencer – Introduction, Demo and Review

This sequencer is also utilized at Cygnus Studios with both KORG MS-20 and Yamaha MX49 synthesizers.

Contributor: Consordini

Web site
YouTube channel

Electric Guitar Tuning Tutorial

Many will no doubt take this for granted, but it’s a short yet informative tutorial for those new to the instrument.

Contributor: Mark Barkan/Higher HZ

Web site
YouTube channel

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